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AfWASA to train municipal technicians in municipal project management

Friday, 05 July 2024
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Training Objectives

  • Take stock of the implementation of communal project management;

  • Explain the concept of communal project management;

  • Define the role of municipal project management assistance;

  • Be familiar with the dimensions and tools of municipal project management assistance;

  • Identify the actions to be taken in the context of municipal project management for water and sanitation services


The following content will be developed in order to achievethe above objectives

  • Description and analysis of municipal project management practices in drinking water and sanitation;

  •  Municipal project management: Concepts and issues in decentralisation;

  • Municipal project management: actors, roles and responsibilities;

  • Municipal project management: dimensions and tools ;

  • MPM experiences: the case of Bafoussam in rural and urban areas;

  • Communal responsibility for water and sanitation: foundations and content;

  • Users' expectations and the principles of local public service in water and sanitation;

  • Key concepts in municipal project management process;

  • Municipal development planning;

  • Management of municipal assets (infrastructure);

  • The plan for reinvesting what has been learnt.

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