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Organes & Members

Monday, 20 March 2017
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The Organization

The Congress meets once every two years and brings together all the members, international organizations and experts. During these Congresses , technical sessions are organized to discuss on various topics.

The General Assembly brings together all the members of the ASSOCIATION, once a year and ratifies the decisions or proposals made by the Executive Board

The Executive Board manages and represents the political entity of the ASSOCIATION. It proposes the actions and the decisions to be discussed by the General Assembly. See the Executive Board Members

The General Secretariat of the ASSOCIATION is the permanent structure in charge of administrative, accounting and technical management of the ASSOCIATION.

AfWA Communication is the communication department of the ASSOCIATION. It publishes technical and scientific bulletins as well as a directory of members and other associates every year.

The Scientific and Technical Council, through specialized committees of experts, organizes technical sessions in order to discuss various problems encountered in the water and sanitation sectors by the members of the ASSOCIATION.


Regular member

Any organization in each African country in charge of the Public utility of production and supply of drinking water and sanitation.

Affiliated member

Any organization dealing directly or indirectly with the drinking water sector and sanitation in Africa.

Individual member

Any individual dealing directly or indirectly with the drinking water sector and sanitation in Africa.

Honorary member

Any person or organization , who has been very helpful to the ASSOCIATION and which by its action contributed effectively to its development.

Annual sbscription (without taking into account the magazine Afwa News subsidy)

Regular member

Production annually sold in m3
From 0 up to 25 millions M3 Category 1
From 25 up to 50 millions M3 Category 2
From 50 up to 100 millions M3 Category 3
From 100 up to 200 millions M3 Category 4
More than 200 millions M3 Category 5

Amount of the annual subscriptions
Category 1 : 2.750.000 FCFA or 4192,50 Euros
Category 2 : 3.750.000 FCFA or 5716,84 Euros
Category 3 : 4.250.000 FCFA or 6479,08 Euros
Category 4 : 4.750.000 FCFA or 7241,33 Euros
Category 5 : 5.250.000 FCFA or 8003,57 Euros

Assets holding company : 1.375.000 FCFA or 2096,17 Euros
Sanitation Company : 1.375.000 FCFA or 2096,17 Euros

Affiliated member

Type 1 (Training and research center and others) : 550 000 FCFA or 838,47 Euros
Type 2 (Enterprise and Consultant agencies ) :1 375 000 FCFA or 2096,17 Euros
Type 3 (International holdings) : 2 750 000 FCFA or 4192,00 Euros

Individual member

Fixed amount : 50.000 Fcfa or 76,22 Euros